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Two climate/weather related 24 hour webcasts, side by side.

Two versions of the movie are available. And possibly in the future two versions of those with some areas “DMCA-shielded”, although the initial versions ought to be “fair use”.

“48 hours” is a screenshot image sequence assembled into a movie. The screenshots have the time and viewing counts magnified within the image for easier reading, and contain the original numbers which are extracted to raw count data in CSV format for analysis and comment.

The screenshots are taken at an evenly spaced interval of about 30 seconds, over about 23 hours in total. The recording starts about 1 hour 20 minutes after the start of the webcast, and there is a clearly indicated gap within the recording. There are about 2800 frames in total. Played at 24 frames per second that is a bit under two minutes (see video “48 hours – two minute cut“). There is also a longer, slowed down version of the video (“48 hours – (full version)“) where it is easier to view particular frames and the video contains more annotation.

On the left side is the stream for The Climate Reality Project’s 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report.

On the right side is the stream for’s WUWT.TV

The frames are evenly spaced in time, so any wild acceleration in the viewing figures (or pauses in the view count changing) are as reported by the streaming service at the time, and not a effect of changing the period between screen shots.

48 hours – two minute cut

2 minutes duration. This version is great for just seeing how the viewer numbers change.

24 screen shot frames per second. 5 seconds of video to 1 hour of live streaming. 1080p HD video (you can change the quality to see the detail and confirm the magnification is correct).

2 minutes is 0.139% of 24 hours, which is equivalent to a 10 second clip of a two hour movie. This ought to be fair use.

48 hours – (full version) – draft 1

Approximately 12 minutes duration. There is currently no sound on the this version of the movie.

4 screen shot frames per second. 30 seconds of video for 1 hour of “live” streaming. With annotation.


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