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16.3 million

November 21, 2012

Gore, et al, claim their Climate Reality Project’s 24 Hours of Dirty WX stream attracted 16M views. There is a supporting image, full of boast, floating around on the web that compares “final” view counts of the Dirty WX stream with the WUWT-TV stream with the  in a side-by-side format:

That image is linked from, among other places, Dana Nuccitelli’s comment on

I know it’s only a throw-away thing, but it’s good to occasionally fact check inconsequential trivia. So here goes. It also usefully clears a minor doubt of mine that the screenshot collection I have was somehow “off” with respect to the view counts relative to the video and the time. The “Dirty WX” image in the comparison is in the time between two of my screenshots (taken 30 seconds apart), where the view count changes from 15.9M to 16M, so I don’t actually have that exact screen shot.

Just to confirm that the image in the comparison is genuine it is possible to find my two images either side of the image from the comparison in the video currently available at

My “before” image, from time 00:59:38 (showing 15.9M), which can be located in the video by dragging the little circle thing on the horizontal bar of the video player to about 36:26 (that’s not very accurate I’m afraid). Click the images to embiggen.

My “after” image, from time 01:00:09 (showing 16M) is on the video at about 36:55.

The screenshot from the  side-by-side image is at about 36:47, which would be within seconds of 01:00:00 on my system.

I actually have a close-enough screenshot for the WUWT-TV feed for that time (the “7” is just scrolling into view).

So far so good.

I am disappointed that the comparison didn’t go on to give the final count. Let’s see the screen shots for those.

(sarc)200,000 views for the end titles and black screen before the stream was turned off is pretty darned good. Well done. (/sarc)

The WUWT-TV continued for another hour after that time. It finished with … see for yourself.

Admittedly, 16,612 views isn’t as impressive as 16.3 million, but at least there were real humans behind the numbers.


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