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November 17, 2012

Just to get something “out there”, here is a graph. It is derived from view counts from the Gore-a-thon, manually transcribed from the core sample screen shots of the view count information from a Ustream video player window.

The data I’ve collected might should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. It is entirely possible that anything unexpected is due to the way that collect or display the information or the information may be delayed due to cats on the internets. Apparent gaps in the data could be Ustream somehow failing to count at that time.

The first plot is of calculated “views per second“, of the last few hours of the webinar (which finished at about 01:00 UTC).

Graph of views per second (average of two adjacent samples). Time is UTC

Graph of views per second (average of two adjacent samples). Time is UTC

At this point in time, the view count is only available in 100,000 (0.1M) unit increments, and the reading is sampled (as a screen shot of the video) about every 31 seconds. The “steppiness” is basically due to the 31 second sampling and the 0.1M count increments.

That plot was a bit busy. Let’s make it a little more visually appealing by graphing the average of two adjacent count values (I expect it’s not entirely statistically valid due to the varying time between samples, but it looks pretty).

Graph of views per second (average of two adjacent samples). Time is UTC

The + marks (only in the “smoother” plot for now) indicate the possible per-second counts due to the granularity of the count values and the sampling period,  the averaging allowing values about mid way between the +s. The plot at this resolution would be fairly smooth below about 175 views per second (or 175*60 = 10,500 views per minute).

700 views-per-second is 42,000 views per minute, or 2.5 million per hour.

The whole thing certainly requires more explanation. More later (possibly in a couple of days), including the raw transcribed data and explanations of how the data is collected. The original screen shots also include the WUWT-TV stream, so the viewer data for that could also potentially be extracted beyond the hour or so of data I have already transcribed.

Bonus graph:

Gore-a-thon view counter v. time (UTC time)

Gore-a-thon view counter v. time (UTC time)

This is a graph of the reported “views” v. UTC time of day.

Note that the “event” started at 01:00 UTC, and I didn’t start to collect data for the first hour so the first data point is at about 02:13 UTC. The gaps in the left half are due to me either not collecting data, or the data not being available on the video. I appear to have full coverage of data on the right half, so gaps are due to the count not updating.


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